Custom Sarongs is planning a photoshoot in Santa Monica on August 24th.  We will have two beautiful models along with a talented photographer.  Since the inception of Custom Sarongs, we have had only one official photoshoot, so as you can imagine, we are pretty excited.  

The new photos will be used for a fresh new layout for our Awesome Sarong website.  This website is long due for some new sarong photos that really show off the shape and design of our products.

We will be shooting a variety of different types of sarongs.  Some of the sarongs that we would like to shoot are the cheetah, zebra, and Brazilian Bom Fin sarong.  These are great sarongs that can be used for everyday purposes.  

At Custom Sarongs, we've photographed a lot of flag sarongs and custom sarongs.  At Awesome Sarongs, we'll be focusing more on unique designs and patterns.  

If you have any unique ideas for new sarongs with fresh designs and patterns, please send us an email with your ideas.  If you have any photos in a sarong that you'd like displayed on our site, send them to us!  

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer!  Get your custom sarong or pareo today!  Cheers!

I've written about travel sarongs time and time again.  I can't stress how convenient and useful they are.  Of all the items in my backpack, I believe my sarongs are used the most.  

This past summer I visited Spain for 10 days.  I had the opportunity to explore Madridi, Pamplona, Ibiza, and Barcelona.  Every city was unique and interesting in their own way.

The first use of my California sarong was in Pamplona for Running with the Bulls.  Our flat was located on the street where the bulls were set to run.  Upon arriving to Pamplona, I set my things down and took this photo from the balcony of the room.   This balcony would later be used to watch the bull run live.  

In Ibiza I rented a Vespa and toured the island.  When I visited different beaches, the first thing I did was setup my sarong and catch some sun.  When used as a towel, the sarong is perfect due to its sheerness and ability to be compact.  Vespas are small and there isn't much room to stuff two big heavy towels in the small helmet compartment. 

In Ibiza, we had the pleasure of seeing world-famous DJ David Guetta at the famous Ushuaia hotel.  The California was wrapped around my girlfriend's back as we danced the night away.  Several people that were also from California ended coming up to us and complimenting our sarong.  It was a great way to meet new people and take photos with.  

The last example I have was on a train ride from Barcelona to Madrid on the Renfe.  After a hot and humid stay in Barcelona, it was time to catch up on sleep on the train.  Unfortunately, it was extremely cold in the train.  There were no blankets on board and no way to turn the AC down.  I pulled out three sarongs and covered myself the sarongs using them as blankets.  I was then able to get some sleep before the last leg of our trip, Madrid.

Next time you travel abroad or even domestic, don't forget to take your sarong or pareo.  I can guarantee it will come in handy at some point in your trip.  Summer is almost over, get a sarong, and head to the beach!

4th of July is a pretty big celebration in the states.  There's always an event going on somewhere - whether it's a bbq with friends or beach gathering with family - it's always a good time.

Our custom made USA flag sarong is the perfect accessory to show off your red, white, and blue colors.  It can be used in many different ways depending on what you end up doing on this holiday.  

If you're at the beach, you can use it as a towel or hang it from your canopy.  If you're at your house in your backyard, you can hang it and show your festive side.  

Another great way to display this beautiful sarong is hanging it on your wall or in your office.  Like the California flag, this is a beautiful flag that can brighten up any room.  

We just received a new shipment and can ship nationwide within two days.  Get your American flag sarong today!!!

Summer has arrived and there plenty of opportunities to use your sarong!

Are you planning a vacation this summer?  Are you now on school break and ready to head to the beach?  

Whatever the occasion may be, make sure you have  a sarong handy!   Custom Sarongs has a solid inventory of our top-selling sarongs which include the Brazilian Bom Fin, California Flag, White sarongs, and of course tropical sarongs.

We've had some setbacks at Custom Sarongs HQ and are unable to entertain new custom orders.  However, we are planning to be operating in full force by Summer 2014, just in time for the World Cup that is going to be held in Brazil.  

Visit our online store and have a wonderful summer!

                This month we all celebrate that wonderful holiday of love: Valentine’s Day.  Whether it is with that someone special, with family members, with friends, or simply a time to remember your own needs, February 14 is a day to feel special and do something nice for yourself and for someone else.

                If you are running out of ideas for someone else’s gift, pick up a sarong or two in some bright colors or maybe a heart pattern.  The versatile gift can be used for anything the other person may need or want, without you having to guess.  You also avoid having to know sizes.  If you are feeling a little more intimate, get some white sarongs and try painting them yourself.  You can even make an event out of it and paint the sarongs with your loved ones.  They can create whatever pattern they want and know that you cared enough to want to do something with them.

                For the craftier gift giver, try making your own flowers out of sarong fabric.  Buy a few different sarongs in a variety of colors and patterns.  Cut out pieces in the shapes of petals and either stitch or tie them together.  If you don’t want to deal with the shapes, simply cut circles and fold them to make petal shapes.  Grab some pipe cleaners or floral wire for the stems, and wrap up your bouquet with a few strips of sarong at the bottom.  You can even save the edges with fringe for this last part. 

                As always, if you already have a gift, good job on thinking ahead.  Maybe a beautifully patterned sarong is the perfect wrapping paper. 

                Have fun this Valentine’s Day.  Whether you are enjoying it for yourself or with many others, remember to spread the joy.

                With the new Ombre Sarongs for summer 2013, the heat is turning up.  In many places during the past few weeks, the weather has been unseasonably warm, and many of us are starting to think of the spring and summer vacations ahead.  Why not get a head start?  The ombre sarong is dyed with a shadow effect, fading from lighter color to a darker shade.  The subtlety and beauty of this type of sarong make it perfect for spring wear.  The pastel shades created by the color shift make this an easily adaptable piece for that spring break swim suit, a shawl for that new sundress, or a scarf as winter tries to hold on to those last few moments of cool wind. 

                The lighter colors are perfect for the Easter season.  Try it out as your own homemade bag for Easter egg hunts.  Try planning your own egg hunt for your neighborhood or for your friends and their children.  Pass out a few ombre sarongs for the kids to use and play with, and your guests will have a blast. 

                Try out the new sarongs for Valentine’s Day.  Create a soft light for a romantic dinner by draping a few of these light colored sarongs over the lamps.  Hang them on the walls for a spark of color.  Surprise a girlfriend, wife, sister, or mother with a gift for the spring.  Plan a picnic with your loved ones and wrap everything in sarongs. 

                Mix your brightly colored sarongs with a few ombre sarongs for an entirely new effect.  Unique and beautiful, they make a great addition to a spring wardrobe.

Summer is just around the corner and Custom Sarongs is ramping up for a long, hot, and fun summer season.  We will be launching a new collection of ombre sarongs perfect for any beach outing.

We hand dye each and every ombre sarong.  Each one is unique in their own way.  We use our standard white sarongs with fringes to create our ombre sarongs.

If you're interested in how we create ombre sarongs, visit this blog post.

                The sarong in Fiji is known as the sulu, though there are often other words added to the name for sulus for differing occasions.  The version in Fiji has influenced others as well as been influenced by separate cultures.  The lava lava is one that has been affected by the Fiji culture and use of the sulu. 

                The sulu was originally used in different ways by people of different rank and status.  Unmarried women would wear a sulu tied as a shorter skirt, while married women wore a longer version.  This was partially to do with the leg tattoos which married women or women of status would receive.  The sulu would cover these tattoos. 

                The popularity of this piece of clothing in Fiji is extremely high.  Not only do members of both sexes wear them, they are also incorporated into festivals, ceremonies, military dress uniforms, casual wear, and many others.  For warmer occasions, the sulu could be tied as a short skirt or dress or even shorts for men when movement was essential.  Cooler evenings could call for a longer skirt or a skirt and shirt.  The versatility of the sulu allowed for easy retying throughout the day for any occasion that may arise.  The sulu has even been incorporated more recently with western suit jackets for a more dressed up look.

                While similar in many ways to other cultures, the sulu of Fiji is still worn today as a traditional dress, occasionally also made of tapa cloth – a bark cloth. 

There are many cultures in which the sarong plays a role in both daily life and in ceremonies. What better way to explore the culture and uses of the sarong than to take a cue from these varied traditions?

The Samoan people use the sarong under a different name. Instead, they refer to this rectangular piece of cloth as a lava lava. Beginning before the Samoan culture used cloth extensively, the lava lava was originally made from bark, leaves, shells, flowers, or any number of other natural materials. The transition of the lava lava to fabric occurred once the culture began to interact with the outside world beyond their shores. Some of the traditional materials are still used today in ceremonies and dances to preserve a sense of history and culture. 

Samoan men and women with specific tattoos (the pe’a body tattoo for men and the malu leg tattoo for women) will often roll or tuck the lava lava to expose these tattoos, particularly during dances or ceremonies. Otherwise, the lava lava can be worn as an ankle length skirt or as a knee length skirt, depending on the occasion and the practicality. Most often, women wear the ankle length lava lava, while men favor the knee length. 

Other cultures have also influenced the lava lava of the Samoans over the years. Most notable is the sulu of Fiji. This crossover has resulted in specifically made lava lava with buckles and pockets. They are also made in a solid color on many occasions, in contrast to the more traditional lava lava in bright patterns. More modern lava lava have also come to be made in other materials such as velvet and satin, or with sequins to be used to jazz up dances and festivals.

The lava lava is traditionally tied in the center with an overhand knot around the waist.


The allure of trends, whether they are clothing trends or something else entirely, is often enhanced celebrity endorsement.  While I may not know celebrities personally to ask them their opinions, pictures as they say are worth a thousand words.  I’ve mentioned female celebrities like Paris Hilton and the Kardashians, Sandra Bullock, and Avril Lavigne, who have all been photographed in their summer sarongs. From the glamorous days of old Hollywood with Dorothy Lamour to the beaches of today, women are everywhere in sarongs. Where are all the men? 

I have said that men can wear sarongs just as easily. Men in Indonesian and Polynesian cultures wear sarongs every day.  However, it may have seemed a little more far-fetched that the average male of Hollywood or New York would be seen with these colorful bits of fabric tied around their waist. In fact, this is not the case. World famous actor, “pirate”, “gypsy-type”, and gorgeous man Johnny Depp decided sarongs were great for a day on the boat.  With a light blue sarong wrapped around his hips, Depp seemed to be having a great day in the sun. Soccer player David Beckham was not one to be left out either.  Photographed walking with his wife, Victoria, Beckham proudly sported a black patterned sarong tied and hanging to his ankles. Korean model Oh Jong Sung even wore a brown patterned sarong while representing South Korea in the 2007 Mr. International competition. 

Men, take a cue from these famous sarong-wearers and don’t be afraid to give it a try.  Look up these pictures and let them do the talking.


Sarong has many different names in different parts of the world: Canga, Kikoy, Kanga, Pareo, Lavalava, Lamba, Capulana, Zambias, Sampot, Longyi etc.
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