Sarong with fringes
A sarong with fringes

Fringes or no fringes for your sarong?

It really comes down to personal preference. How are you going to use the sarong? What country are you in? How does the local culture view a sarong with or without fringes?

For those of you that don't know, fringes are the threaded sides of the sarongs. It really gives it a beach feel and the threaded sides can vary in thickness and length.  

Personally, I love fringes. It gives the sarong an edge and really makes it stand out. I enjoy the fringes in all settings; when it's hanging in my room, when I'm wearing it around my back, or when I take it to the beach.  

Do you like your sarong with or without fringes?

When I was a newbie to the sarong world ( I still am, sorta) I had no idea that many sarongs in Hawaii don't have fringes. I was shocked actually, I couldn't understand it. Today, I would say the sarongs that have fringes versus the ones that don't is about 50/50.  

Happy holidays everyone!

Sarong has many different names in different parts of the world: Canga, Kikoy, Kanga, Pareo, Lavalava, Lamba, Capulana, Zambias, Sampot, Longyi etc.
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