Mini sexy sheer wraps
Everyone is always trying to look their best at pool parties. With so many different types of sarongs and ways you can wear one, it can get a bit tricky when deciding on what type of sarong to wear in public. We'll explore two different types of pool party sarongs, and show you the benefits of each.  

  1. Mini Sheer Wraps - This is perfect if you want to show off your body and have fun. You don't have to worry about this wrap falling off while dancing or getting in and out of the water. You can have fun with the colors and have it match or accent your bikini. This a great accessory that will definitely make you look more sexy. 

  2. Custom Sarongs - Most people wrap sarongs around their waist like a towel. You can also use the sarong to dry you off, place on your lounge chair, or wear around your back like a cape to keep you cool and the sunburns away. The only downside to a regular sarong is that it can get a bit bulky at times. If this is you, use it more like a towel instead of a sarong you wear and try a half sarong or sheer wrap.

Sarongs are a must have at any pool party or outdoor water event. It is a great accessory that brings a lot of fun to the party. Sarongs are versatile and provide many uses. The nice thing about a sarong is that you can use however you like. Whether you're in Vegas, Cabo, Miami, or Ibiza, make sure you don't leave home without a custom sarong or wrap!  

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Sarong has many different names in different parts of the world: Canga, Kikoy, Kanga, Pareo, Lavalava, Lamba, Capulana, Zambias, Sampot, Longyi etc.
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