A promo sarong for your company is clever and fun. How many times have you ever received a free or promotional sarong?  I don't think it has ever been done!!

A functional promotional sarong is ideal for creating brand awareness and leaving a lasting impression on your guest. It's not your typical promotional item - i.e. pen, magnet, or pad of paper with a happy person's face. It's a sarong that people can use as a towel, cover-up, wrap, travel item, accessory, etc. A promotional sarong is a gift to remember.

A promo sarong is free advertising and great marketing when branded with your logo or design. Who knows where someone will use your sarong again. If you live near the beach or close to a body of water, you can bet they'll be using it the next time they go out.

A custom branded sarong is a very unique product. Many people will be amazed at the quality of the sarong and your ability to have your logo on it. It's such a unique idea that many have never thought of. A custom sarong is a perfect way to surprise your current employees as well as future customers.

If you're looking to customize your own sarong and do something that is outside of the box, contact us for a quote today. If don't have a design and don't have time to create one, we'll do it for you!  Let us know what you're looking for, and we'll create it.

Summer 2012 is just around the corner and everyone is looking for new ways to stand apart from the crowd. This is your opportunity.   
Custom Made Hotel Sarong | Wholesale Hotel Pool Towels and Pareos
A hotel sarong laid out on a bed with a welcome card.
If you own or manage a hotel, what sets you apart from your competitors? Why would someone choose to stay at your hotel versus the hotel down the street? 

A custom sarong using your brand logo or text is a fabulous way to leave a great impression on your guests. It's something unique, clever, quirky, and fun. For many, sarongs are not a typical household item. By having guests leave your hotel with a custom sarong, you are essentially opening up their eyes to a new product they never knew could provide so much value.  

A hotel can use a custom branded sarong or pareo in the following ways:

  1. A complementary sarong: 
    A sarong is a perfect welcome gift for your guests. It could be rolled up and placed somewhere in the room, or laid out on the foot of the bed.  It's a beautiful touch that makes a great first impression.

  2. A gift shop sarong:
    Hang your hotel sarong in the gift shop and market it as a souvenir. The gift shop gets tons of traffic and if you're located near the beach, guests are always looking for custom made products. This is a great way to increase sales and add another product that guests can enjoy.

  3.  A pool sarong: Have two baskets next to the pool - one for regular towels, and another for your hotel sarong! Some prefer towels, some prefer sarongs, and some prefer both!  Each item has it's pros and cons, but why not give your guest a choice? Hotel sarongs give guests the option to use the sarong however they see fit. From sunbathing to keeping the sun away, there are many uses.  This is also a great addition if you have large pool party events. Many guests will end up partying with them, wearing them around their back, and incorporating them into pictures. 

  4. VIP or large group sarong:
    If you don't feel like offering sarongs to all your guests, you can limit them to a few. If you have a large group for a special event or VIP rooms or areas, then providing them with a unique product with your name on it will only add to that exclusivity. A fun way to promote your brand for a select few.

  5. Spa Room or Massage Room Sarong:
    A spa and massage room is in almost every hotel nowadays.  If you could incorporate the use of a custom sarong some where within that process it will add to the guest's value-added experience.  

Whenever I stay at a hotel, I always remember the experience. Of all the hotels I've stayed in, the ones that stand out the most are the hotels that provide me with something unique and different

Custom Sarongs provides custom made sarongs and pareos for hotels all over the world. You do not necessarily have to be by the beach or water.  Every hotel is different and unique, we can customize a custom sarong to fit your needs. We are currently seeking to create custom pareos for hotels in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Miami, Orlando, New York, Ibiza, Spain, France, Italy, Chile, Argentina, Hawaii, and Brazil.  

We have an in-house graphic designer to help you design your custom sarong if needed.

Please contact us today for an instant quote!
A hotel sarong can be used on the lounge chairs.
A hotel sarong can be used on the lounge chairs.
Typical towel versus a tie-dye sarong
Typical towel versus a tie-dye sarong
Hotel sarong - Guanajuato, Mexico
From our balcony at the hostel.
A sarong or pareo is a must have for any hostel. This past weekend, Custom Sarongs visited the beautiful colonial town of Guanajuato in the hills of Central Mexico. The city was the birthplace of Mexico's Independence and extremely rich in culture, architecture, and natural beauty. Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende have to be hands down, two of the most beautiful, tranquil, and relaxing cities I have ever visited.

We stayed at a wonderful hostel called "Casa de Dante." One thing that struck me were the flags hanging inside and outside the hostel. The hostel had a flag hanging for the country of each guest that was staying there. I thought this was extremely unique and it was a really nice touch. (It also let me know who was staying in the hostel at the time).

While staying at the hostel we used our sarong a variety of different ways:
  • As a towel or blanket sarong - It got cold at night, so we used the sarong as a cover-up and as an additional blanket to keep us warm. We ran out of towels in the room, so the sarong came in handy when all the towels were wet and on the floor.
  • As a scarf sarong - One day we were walking around the city and it got a bit chilly. With no jacket or sweater on hand we resorted to the sarong to keep us warm for the walk back to the hostel.
  • As a memorable flag/photoshoot sarong - We developed a close relationship with Dante's mother during our stay. After checking out, we all decided to take a photo with the California Sarong in front of the hostel.  

Other ways a hostel could benefit from a sarong:
  • Gift Sarong - A hostel with a logo or design could create their own sarong and sell it to their guests. Many hostels have their own customized shirt or shot glass.
  • Guest Room Sarong - A hostel could use a custom sarong as a towel, wall-hanging, or cover-up for the bed. With their own logo or design, it could really give a shared dorm room some color and make them stand apart from all the other hostels.
  • Flag Sarongs - People from all over the world visit hostels. By having their own flag sarong, they would be very interested in buying one and using it for the rest of their travels.

Dante and his mom, with my California Republic sarong
A photo with Dante and his mom.
Yet again our sarong came in handy during our trip in Central Mexico. A sarong is a definite must have while traveling.  

I believe the greatest benefit of a sarong is that you can give it to another traveler or person you connect with while traveling. It is an very generous gesture, and you really make an impact on someone else's travel experience.  

How often is it that you come across rude, annoying, loud travelers? They're everywhere!!!  How often do you meet someone where you have deep, long, and interesting conversations? Where you see them every day, build a relationship, and feel as if you've known them all your life? Where you live in their shoes for five days and experience what life is like in a different country/language? A relationship like that is priceless, and gifting a sarong for them to remember you is something very special.

It's amazing what five days abroad can do to one's mindset. Get a travel sarong today!!!

Sarong has many different names in different parts of the world: Canga, Kikoy, Kanga, Pareo, Lavalava, Lamba, Capulana, Zambias, Sampot, Longyi etc.
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