A couple of friends decided to go to a Mexican soccer match and represent their team with the beautiful Mexican Flag Sarong. It's great for a soccer match because it's extremely soft and fun to hold up or wear around your back. All you need with the sarong is a vuvuzela and you're all set!!
Bring a Mexican flag to a Mexican soccer match
Bring a Mexican flag to a Mexican soccer match
Some photos from Tuesday's game!
On Tuesday I will be heading down to San Diego to watch Mexico play Venezuela. I will be selling the Mexican flag sarong in San Diego before the game in support of the national team. I am a huge fan of Javier Hernandez aka "Chicharito" who has been playing extremely well for Manchester United. If you would like to get a sarong before the game, please call me at 714.414.6259.

Below is a recap of Saturday's game when Mexico beach Paraguay 3-0 in Oakland, California.

Mexico vs Paraguay:


Sarong has many different names in different parts of the world: Canga, Kikoy, Kanga, Pareo, Lavalava, Lamba, Capulana, Zambias, Sampot, Longyi etc.
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