The girls with their custom sarongs!
I recently received some great feedback from our very first client who was interested in a custom sarong for a bachelorette party. We had two constraints from the start which were: a time crunch and location (Oman) - so the pressure was on! We ended up shipping her the sarongs directly with plenty of time to kill before the event.

I think the photos are great and I really like how the sarongs were laid out on the lounge chairs and grass. The custom sarong really stands out and looks so unique and different. The color scheme they selected also creates a very warm atmosphere. I will be creating a generic bachelorette party sarong for any location! So whether you're in vegas or on a secluded beach in Mexico - it will definitely be the center of the party! 

The most awesome water park ride ever: Flying Mat Hill (came up with name myself)
This weekend we attended Wet Electric at Wild Rivers in Irvine. How could we say no to an electronic pool party 10 minutes from my house??  

Nostalgia was in the air. I hadn't been to Wild Rivers in years. It was fun going on the flying mat ride and bombay blasters! There were three stages spinning house and electronic music all day. It was fun dancing, splashing water, and being a kid again.

Our sarongs came in handy! They were being tossed around from person to person and used in a multitude of ways. Anyone attending a large outdoor event where music, alcohol, and water are involved should definitely have a sarong! The sarongs cooled us off, dried us off, were worn, thrown, hung, and abused. To my surprise, there were many girls with mini sarongs at this event. Check out the pics below:

Sarong has many different names in different parts of the world: Canga, Kikoy, Kanga, Pareo, Lavalava, Lamba, Capulana, Zambias, Sampot, Longyi etc.
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